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Supplier Workplace Accountability

McDonald’s cares as much about the people who make our food and products that go into our restaurants as we do about our customers. 

One way we put this commitment into action is through our Supplier Workplace Accountability (SWA) Program which promotes a unified set of global workplace standards for all workers who touch our supply chain -  ensuring they are treated fairly and provided with a safe and healthy work environment. 

Our Supplier Code of Conduct serves as the foundation for our SWA program and sets clear guidelines that enable our suppliers, agencies, facilities, and subcontractors to understand McDonald’s expectations and how to live up to them. While the SWA program continued to evolve, the Code was previously updated in 2000 prior to November 2012 launch.

Our enhanced Code was updated to evolve along with our Supplier Workplace Accountability program and is more adaptable and functional, reflecting our values and intentions.

Important updates and changes to the Code include addition of, or clarification relating to:

  • The addition of McDonald’s Core Values and Standards of Business Conduct;
  • Clarification of McDonald’s expectations regarding human rights, including human trafficking, freedom of association, and the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • The addition of expectations related to business integrity, including anti-bribery, violation reporting procedures, and whistleblower protection; grievance mechanism and
  • Environmental management expectations. 

The updates to the Code are the result of a comprehensive process that included benchmarking with a number of organizations that lead in this space, consultation with the foremost experts and ongoing dialogue and engagement with suppliers and stakeholders in every area of the world.