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A MAAP to a Sustainable Supply Chain

McDonald’s Agricultural Assurance Programme (MAAP) in Europe is designed to increase the company’s influence through the supply chain to the primary producer level. Ultimately, MAAP aims to raise agricultural standards and develop sustainable agriculture across Europe. The program is a framework of standards promoting food safety, quality and sustainable agricultural production methods.

McDonald’s Europe has established a measurement system to ensure that we are improving year by year. Suppliers provide the volumes of raw material sourced under farm assurance schemes. These schemes are scored depending on their degree of compliance with MAAP standards. The sum of volumes from schemes for all suppliers of a given product provides the MAAP score for that product. McDonald’s Europe works to improve these scores each year by developing the MAAP standards and influencing farm assurance schemes across Europe to adopt them.

In 2008, McDonald’s Europe increased product scores, supplier participation and volumes sourced under independently audited schemes while also expanding MAAP to more products and markets. The goal is to increase the amount of products sourced from independently audited schemes that have been certified according to a recognized accreditation. The volume of products sourced from independently audited accredited schemes has increased in most categories. We want to keep increasing these figures year after year to be confident that our raw materials are produced according to robust agricultural standards.