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Dave Hoffmann
Dave Hoffmann

President, McDonald's Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Dave Hoffmann was appointed the President of McDonald’s Asia Pacific Middle East Africa (APMEA) on 1st July 2012. McDonald’s footprint in this area of the world covers 37 countries with 8,900 restaurants. 

Prior to his new role, Dave was the Senior Vice President and Restaurant Support Officer for APMEA where he was responsible for Operations, Supply Chain, Strategy and Insights; and Development. Most significantly, Dave anchored APMEA’s ambition to grow bigger, better and bolder through the zone’s strategic planning process, asset portfolio management and restaurant expansion goals. 

Dave began his career with McDonald’s in 1984 as Crew, before attending Indiana University, where he graduated in 1990 and joined Arthur Anderson & Co.  After leaving Arthur Anderson in 1994, Dave undertook his MBA, and returned to McDonald’s through an Internship program with the Franchising Department in Oak Brook. 

From 1996 to 2004 Dave held numerous Operations positions from Restaurant Manager, McOpCo and Field Service Consultant, McOpCo and Field Service Manager, Director of Operations and Training for the Central Division and US Operations Director.  In 2005 Dave was promoted to Senior Director of North America Strategy and Execution and then later was responsible for Global Strategy and Execution. 

In 2007, Dave relocated to Japan, where he took the role of Senior Vice President - Strategy and Franchising.  In this role, Dave franchised over 1000 Restaurants, closed over 400 underperforming sites while creating a sustainable franchising system and organization in Japan. 

In 2009, Dave was promoted to Executive Vice President of McDonald’s Japan and together with the Japan leadership team, significantly improved the country’s performance metrics including Operating Income, Return On Total Assets and Customer Service Opportunity. 

In 2011, Dave relocated to the APMEA Regional Office in Singapore where he led the APMEA Strategy, Insights and Development teams and in that same year his role broadened as SVP and Restaurant Support Officer to include Operations and Supply Chain. 

On 1st July 2012, Dave was appointed the President of APMEA and remains residence in Singapore with his family.