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Steve Easterbrook

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jose Armario

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Supply Chain, Development & Franchising

Bridget Coffing

Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer

Doug Goare

President, McDonald's Europe

Erik Hess

Senior Vice President, Consumer and Brand Strategy

Edgardo Navarro

President, McDonald's Latin America

Atif Rafiq

Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer

Jim Sappington

Executive Vice President, Operations and Technology Systems

Mike Andres

President, McDonald's USA

Peter J. Bensen

Chief Administrative Officer

Richard Floersch

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

J.C. Gonzalez-Mendez

Senior Vice President, Global Inclusion, Community Engagement & Philanthropy

Dave Hoffmann

President, McDonald's Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Kevin Ozan

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Gloria Santona

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary