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Writing the Book on Diversity
Rob Mercer

Pat Harris tells how McDonald's does it

McDonald’s has long been known for our commitment to inclusion and diversity, not only with our own employees, but also with our franchisees and suppliers. But the story of how we became one of the world’s most diverse organizations has never been told ... until now.

Pat Harris, McDonald’s Global Chief Diversity Officer, has published a book, NONE OF US IS AS GOOD AS ALL OF US, that describes the evolution of diversity at McDonald’s in the words of the people that made it happen.

The inside look at the company’s philosophy of inclusion and diversity through interviews with more than 60 key employees, franchisees, and suppliers represents the first time a major corporation has revealed how diversity translates into long-term business success.

“It has been an amazing journey and that’s why I decided to tell this story,” Harris says. “It’s important because there are so many others who can benefit from our experience.”

Harris relates the fascinating history of how African Americans, Women, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, People with Disabilities, and Gay and Lesbian Employees have been integral to McDonald’s success using three key components: a strong commitment from senior leadership ... training and education ... and networks for employees, owner/operators, and suppliers.

The book includes a foreword by former McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner, who says, “As Pat makes clear, diversity is not a destination you reach, it is a journey you take. The real benefits come from a constant effort to do things better tomorrow than you do them today.”

Published by John Wiley & Sons, NONE OF US IS AS GOOD AS ALL OF US is available at major bookstores and on-line. All profits are being donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities to help children and families in need around the world.