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Meet the Tweeps: @McDonalds Twitter Team

Getting to Know Us...

Thanks for visiting the official McDonald's USA Twitter page and stopping by to get to know our team. We're excited about joining the community and look forward to getting to know you too. Follow us for the latest McDonald's news, promotions and a few surprises along the way from our Communications teams.

McDonald's USA Customer Service team is here to listen, help and answer any questions you have. (7 days a week 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Central)

First, we'd like to take a minute to introduce you to the team behind @McDonalds.

Thanks again for joining us - we look forward to hearing from you! To learn more about what McDonald's is made of, visit www.mcdonalds.com.

McD Customer Service


Our Twitter-Sized Job Description: Helping our customers, one tweet at a time.

Why We Love McDonald's: Convenient, friendly service with great value.

Our Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): McCafé Drinks, Desserts, and of course the Chicken McNuggets.

Why We Love Twitter: Great medium for connecting and engaging with a vast diversity of people.

One Word That Describes Us: Gregarious

Rick (^RW)


My Twitter-Sized Job Description: Connecting with our awesome customers of a classic restaurant through cool new tools like Twitter.

Why I Love McDonald's: Since I was a kid, I've always loved the food. As a parent, I appreciate the choices, convenience and value.

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): I can't even say, "McRib" without getting hungry, but because it isn't around all of the time, my next fave is McNuggets.

Why I Love Twitter: Twitter is a bite-sized version of all the things that make the Internet fun: connecting, learning, discovering, sharing and of course, entertainment.

One Word That Describes Me: #futureprimitive



My Twitter-Sized Job Description: Finding new and unique ways to tell the McDonald’s story to our fab customers!

Why I Love McDonald's: I’ve been told that when my mother was pregnant with me, she craved McDonald’s Big Breakfast platters more than anything. She’d go to her neighborhood McDonald’s and order 2 Big Breakfast with Hotcakes platters. She’d then go down the street and order two more. I guess you could say I was born to love McDonald’s!

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): McFlurry with M&M’s and McCafe Hot Chocolate. When I’m back home in south Florida, I love grabbing the McCafe Café con Leche regional item.

Why I Love Twitter: It’s the ultimate way to absorb everything that’s going on in the world quickly!

One Word That Describes Me: Perseverant

Kristin (^KH)


My Twitter-Sized Job Description: Communicating all things McDonald's & building relationships with our great customers.

Why I Love McDonald's: Great food, great people and our commitment to Ronald McDonald House Charities - makes me so proud to be a part of McDonald's!

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): Egg McMuffin - the BEST way to start my day.

Why I Love Twitter: Keeping connected with so many people, the constant flow of information, and of course, the entertainment!

One Word That Describes Me: Organized



My Twitter-Sized Job Description: I love keeping our customers happy on the McD's Customer Experience team!

Why I Love McDonald's: Great food on the go for me and my busy tween daughters.

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): Our World Famous French Fries.

Why I Love Twitter: Easy to keep up with the latest news.

One Word That Describes Me: Optimistic


My Twitter-Sized Job Description: Engaging with customers on Twitter to keep them happy and lovin’ McDonald’s at all times.

Why I Love McDonald's: I love McDonald’s because of the great food and reliable service. I also love that McDonald’s always comes up with new, exciting menu items!

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): McFlurry (any kind, any time!) and of course French fries.

Why I Love Twitter: Easy way to hear from our customers and keep up to date on what’s going on in the world.

One Word That Describes Me: Friendly



My Twitter-Sized Job Description: PR for the very tasty beverages and desserts here!

Why I Love McDonald's: It was always a special treat growing up - great company with delicious food that is available whenever and wherever the craving strikes!

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): I appreciate a delicious Egg McMuffin in the morning, Chicken McNuggets and/or fries to indulge those lunchtime cravings and either a Premium Roast or sugar-free French Vanilla Latte just about any time of day to keep me going.

Why I Love Twitter: Saying what you what and getting news in 140 characters? Yes please! Plus, what a fun challenge.

One Word That Describes Me: Motivated!

Megan (^MO)

My Twitter-Sized Job Description: Creating and fostering relationships between McDonald's and our amazing customers online and beyond. **Cue personal rocket ship**

Why I Love McDonald's: Charity. The relationship w/ Ronald McDonald House Charities has helped millions of families in need. That's what it's all about.

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): The entire menu! However, if I had to choose, I love the Big Mac & Sausage McMuffin w/ Egg! I'm also on a Strawberry Banana Smoothie kick! Yum

Why I Love Twitter: Twitter allows the world to be connected in an instant. The connections & relationships we can create are endless.

One Word That Describes Me: Optimistic

Lauren (^LTS)


My Twitter-Sized Job Description: Making sure that at the end of the day, McDonald’s is keeping families at the heart of everything we do. Ask me about the Family Arches!

Why I Love McDonald's: You can go anywhere in the world and people will know and understand McDonald’s.

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): The McCafe Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie is sunshine in a cup. Anything breakfast makes my day.

Why I Love Twitter: Twitter is like your best friend – it makes sure you know everything first, it connects you with other people, and it will always put a smile on your face.

One Word That Describes Me: Lively

Thanks for choosing to follow @McDonalds. As you know, by choosing to follow us, you'll be seeing tweets about our food, promotions and company. And don't worry, we will not share your information with anyone.