Response to Chicken McNugget Rumors

January 13, 2010

We welcome the conversation about our food. What's really important is that people have the truth & facts.

The truth is, our Chicken McNuggets are made with 100% USDA Grade A Chicken. A fractional amount of a legal preservative and a miniscule drop of an additive in vegetable oil is added to simply prevent foaming on the surface that naturally occurs in cooking. It’s that simple. Customers can be reassured that these are common and fully-approved ingredients that are completely safe and have been used for decades.

Just as important, these safe and approved ingredients are found in bread, frozen vegetables, canned fruit, soups, cereal, cocoa, candy, crackers, instant noodles and vegetable, sunflower and canola oils ... hardly a scary list for consumers.

The use of these ingredients has been approved for many years by government food safety authorities and regulatory agencies around the world, such as the U.S. FDA, European Union Parliament, and the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives.

McDonald’s Corporation