McDonald's Listening Tour

Listening and responding to customers has always been part of who we are as a company. In Summer 2011, McDonald’s leadership and key decision-makers embarked on a nationwide Listening Tour, seeking input from key audiences on how McDonald’s can best serve communities in the areas of food, people and the environment. We’re having meaningful conversations directly with our customers on topics that are important to them and us, working together to bring continued improvements to our shared communities.

We created these webpages to bring these insights and learnings from each of our Listening Tour sessions and share them with our greater audience. Follow us along on our journey:


Listening to McDonald’s brand ambassadors

During McDonald’s National People Week, the Leadership team met with employees to talk about why they love their McJobs. Read more about what McDonald’s employees had to say.


Engaging with nutrition experts and leaders

The Listening Tour continued as Dr. Cindy Goody and team participated in the annual American Dietetic Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (ADA FNCE). Read about her discussions with the industry’s top registered dietitians and nutrition leaders.

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Sustainability with Leading Environmental Experts

This fall, McDonald’s Corporate Social Responsibility vice president Bob Langert, traveled to Washington, DC for the first Listening Tour session focused on environmental sustainability. Read  about  some of  McDonald’s sustainable goals and feedback  Bob  received.

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Sustainability Twitter Chat

Bob Langert led a two-way conversation with customers on how McDonald’s can help be part of a sustainable solution for families and communities. Read more about this sustainability chat and McDonald’s environmental plans.

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Marketing Communications Twitter Chat

The final Listening Tour session for 2011 ended on a high note with McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer Neil Golden connecting with hundreds of interested customers about McDonald’s overall marketing communications and brand advertising efforts.

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Dr. Cindy Goody met with a group of community health advocates from around the U.S. to talk about nutrition and discuss ways in which McDonald's can be a part of the solution for families, particularly in the Latino community.

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Dr. Cindy Goody spoke with a group of parents, educators, PTA members and local community organization members in the greater Washington, D.C. area about our focus on nutrition choices and children’s well-being.

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Dr. Cindy Goody engaged with local Asian community leaders, health care professionals and moms at one of our remodeled restaurants in the Los Angeles area. During this dialogue, Cindy and team shared our continued focus on nutrition and quality by listening for opportunities where McDonald's can serve as a trusted resource in this community.

Duke Listening Tour

Julia Braun, Director of Nutrition, and Jessica Droste-Yagan, Director of Sustainable Supply, met with a group of Duke University thought leaders to discuss nutrition and sustainable food practices.


The Listening Tour joined nearly 40 national board members, state health presidents and local branch health chairs from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) during their annual convention in Houston.